DC Developing “Metropolis” TV Series for their Streaming Service

We are all excited about the possibilities that are coming with the launch of DC Comics’ digital streaming service. We know that the service launches this year bringing with it a new third season for Young Justice, and a new Teen Titans live action show. What else could DC have up their sleeves for this new service…?

Today we have learned that DC is developing a show about Metropolis. The show will follow the adventures of Lois Lane and Lex Luthor before Superman arrived in the city.

The official log-line for the show states that it will follow Lois Lane and Lex Luthor as they investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets.

You can also check out the first bit of artwork that was showcased with the information given, which is basically artwork featuring the skyline of Metropolis.

Metropolis Key Art

What do you think? Is this something that interests you? Is it enough to make you purchase the service or have you already decided due to Young Justice and Titans? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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