RUMOR ALERT: Teen Titans DC Multiverse Signature Collection Figures Coming?

Earlier today we shared with you official images of the upcoming DC Comics Multiverse Signature Collection Batman Forever – Batman, and The 1990’s TV Flash figures. Now thanks to website, we have what might be a second wave coming from Mattel.

We know that a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman is going to be showing up soon in the line, but this is the first we have heard of any figures other than Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. According to Paulmartstore, they have pre-order listings for figures based on Kid Flash, Spoiler, and Beast Boy.

Since the first three figures are based on movies and TV, could these three Teen Titans figures be based on the upcoming Titans television series? No images were attached to the listing, so if this is actually true, we might have to wait for the images go up, or at least Toy Fair 2018.

Remember, chock this up as rumor material for the moment, but interesting if true.

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